I believe that one key reason why so much of today’s society is filled with entitled, envious brats is due to a lack of knowledge or appreciation for human history. Why on earth is an increasing income gap or wealth gap seen as a bad thing? Society as a whole is astoundingly more wealthy than it has ever been and the wealthy of centuries past could only dream of what the poor/middle class enjoy in many of today’s societies.

There will always be a gap between rich and poor in any free society. The only way to remove the gap is to make us all equally poor and kill individual liberty and ambition.  Yes, there are some who amass large fortunes due to dishonest gain or political connections.  This is of course to be spoken out against and fought.  However this is rarely what the left has an interest in.  Instead, they generally demonise anyone they deem to be wealthy.  It matters not that most wealthy people amassed their wealth because they have done a great deal for society.  After all, if we were in a truly capitalistic society then that would be the only way to amass wealth and fortune.

It is sad indeed that the once great USA now has a self proclaimed democratic socialist as a Presidential front runner in Bernie Sanders.  He has captured the hearts and minds of many generations, least not the millennials, with his vitriol towards the wealthy.  Everyone is jumping on the “free stuff” bandwagon as long as someone wealthier than themselves are going to be paying for it.  I will end with some wise words voiced by the late Margaret Thatcher a generation ago that many planning to vote for Bernie would do well to take heed of:

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

The video below shows just how blessed even the lower class of today’s society really are: